If you're looking for a reliable, affordable, performance oriented, and full-featured hosting company, you've come to the right place ... and your timing couldn't be better!  Because in the last year Compuweb has added many new exciting features and performance enhancements that will provide you with the most advanced hosting features, fastest performance, most reliable uptime, along with the friendliest and most knowledgeable service and support available from any hosting company today.  Allow me to elaborate:

Of course your website must display quickly, otherwise your customer or prospect will lose interest and go somewhere else.  That's why Compuweb's backbone is redundant, running over AT&T and CTC Communication's OC48 backbone networks via reliable Cisco routers for fast and effective performance.  The Compuweb backbone is never saturated so there is never any latency.  All Compuweb servers are state of the art and all servers have been updated within the last 12 months.  This means that Compuweb servers have the fastest processors, an abundant amount of RAM (system memory), and an enormous amount of hard drive space that enables us to offer you the worlds best hosting solution.

Uptime is paramount with Compuweb hosting.  It doesn't matter how fast your website loads or how great your website looks if it's not coming up at all.  That's why Compuweb monitors all of it's servers 24/7 via monitors on each server, and monitors on servers outside of the network.  Compuweb servers have programs that automatically reboot a server when necessary and is remotely accessible for emergency reboots from a cell phone.  There is always a Compuweb engineer on location to physically interact with a server in case of hardware failure.  Compuweb provides daily drive-to-drive backups in addition to tape-drive backups for added data protection.

Without network security there would be no E-Commerce on the internet.  Security is perhaps the most complex and important part of any hosting service.  Everyday hackers, worms, and viruses try to attack our servers, and everyday they fail because of the sophisticated security implementation by Compuweb to protect your data security ... and this is no small task.  Compuweb started doing business in New York City in 1992 as a computer consulting and networking company and has installed secure networks for famous institutions like The Russian Tea Room, Tavern on the Green, and Institutional Investor (to name a few).  In 1995 Compuweb launched it's website hosting services with a primary focus on security.  Today, Compuweb offers you the most sophisticated security implementation of any hosting company in the world and provides security consultant services to large corporations in New York, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

You've got to have features!  Sure we're fast, sure we're reliable, sure we offer security for your data, but you also need features.  Compuweb supports the worlds best website platform running Microsoft Internet Information Service on Microsoft Windows2000 Advanced Server, E-Commerce solutions and shopping cart systems by Cart32, Message Board and knowledgebase solutions by PHPBB, Database platforms include ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL 2000, MySQL, and Microsoft Access databases, Email solutions include web-based messaging, address book, calendar, IMAP4 support, spam prevention, virus potection and List Server support via dedicated IMail servers from Ipswitch, and "live" site usage analysis via a dedicated Livestats server by DeepMetrix.

Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff:
Can't we all just get along?  Customer satisfaction is a great concern with Compuweb, and it's the personal interaction with our customer that is essential for us both to grow.  You'll always hear a real person's voice when you call Compuweb, and the person you speak to on the phone will be friendly, and knowledgeable - GUARANTEED!  This is so important that we mention it here in this overview.

Other Services:
Compuweb offers other website services to help you develop your website and promote your website:

Thank you for considering Compuweb for your website hosting solution.  I look forward to serving you and your website.


Scott Adams, CEO


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